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The Passage of Time, Your Hands, and You

Your hands age faster than your face, and are one of the first signs of aging that other people notice on you. This is because the skin on the back of your hands is much thinner than the skin on your face. There isn’t much fat on the back of your hands…making it more noticeable […]

Two Important Proteins For Your Skin – Collagen And Elastin

Here’s some thought-provoking information as you transition from spring to summer: It should be one of your top priorities to take care of your skin – to do all you can to maintain it’s flexibility and firmness. Two important proteins, elastin and collagen, play an important role in your skin’s appearance. You may have heard […]

The Itchy-Scratchy Cycle Of Eczema

If you suffer from eczema (a general term for any type of “itchy rash”) it may not help to know that the word “eczema” comes from a Greek word meaning “to bubble or boil over.” That’s for sure how it feels as you scratch at your dry, damaged skin, releasing inflammatory chemicals which cause an […]

Did You (Regretfully) Tattoo?

Those were the days, right? When you tattooed the name of your current squeeze on your body as an emblem of true love…or the lure of the “siren of body art” enticed you into getting a tat with your friends on a weekend vacation. Whether you are a man or a woman, and regardless of […]

Dry, Flaky, Itchy, Wintry Skin Got You Down?

Yes, indeed, it’s Winter. It’s February, in fact…and there are yet a few months of cold, dry weather ahead of us. Winter is that unique time of year when your skin spends it’s days at home or in the office plagued by heating systems and begging for moisture. Winter is that unique time of year […]

It Pays To Check Your Skin For Changes

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It tirelessly protects you from the damaging effects of the environment. A good habit to form is checking your body all over once a month for any irregularities or abnormalities. Any new or changing skin condition may be indicative of a more serious medical problem. Your […]

Welcome The New Year With Microdermabrasion

The holiday season is over…things are quieting down…it’s time for you begin thinking about what changes you will make in the coming year. Now is the time to resolve to take care of your skin…to take the time to treat the damaging effects of aging, the sun and the environment. One of the easiest, simplest, […]

Aging In A Healthy Way – Every Day

The seasons change, year by year. And your body changes, too. Time marches on and it’s impossible to stop it. Getting older is a natural process for everyone, but you don’t have to succumb to feeling old. Age is a number; you are only as old as you feel…common maxims that can be true, for […]

Hair, Hair Everywhere…

There’s nothing like the confident feeling of soft, smooth legs…regardless of the season or weather. But shaving is so quotidian and waxing hurts. Hairy legs are just one issue. Getting rid of body hair that shows up exactly where you don’t want is another hairy topic entirely. It’s true: There are many options for hair […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Acne Pustules

Acne is a self-esteem deflater, a self-confidence killer and a devastating skin condition. Among the more severe types of acne are pustules, often found in clusters affecting your face, neck or back. Acne pustules are small to medium sized round bumps which have a white or yellow dot in their center. This is an indication […]

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