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3 Treatment Options for Acne Vulgaris

AcneAcne Vulgaris, or simply acne, is a skin condition that can make you feel more than self-conscious. Primarily caused by excess oil on the skin and hormones, acne vulgaris typically inflicts preteens and teenagers. If you or your child has this skin condition, you have a few different ways that you can treat it including time, oral medications, and topical solutions. Read on to learn more.


One of the biggest cures of acne vulgaris is time itself. Although this may sound like the last answer you want to hear, acne vulgaris usually subsides as your hormones stabilize in your twenties. However, although acne vulgaris should go away with time, it’s still important to treat your skin now so that you don’t scar later one.

Oral Medications

There are a variety of oral medications you can take to treat acne vulgaris including Accutane or antibiotics. Because Accutane is a potent and powerful drug, it has a variety of side-effects that our doctors will need to discuss with you before you even consider taking it. Another oral medication option is to use antibiotics. Antibiotics like tetracycline and minocycline are used to prevent the spread of bacteria or infection to other parts of your skin.

Topical Solutions

Topical solutions will help to get rid of bacteria that is causing your acne and stabilize oil. There are a variety of topical solutions that you can choose from including over-the-counter and prescription strength options. When looking for an over-the-counter topical solution, look for one that has ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Prescription strength topical solutions will typically contain these same ingredients or retinol.

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If you or your child are suffering from acne vulgaris, try using one or a combination of these treatments to kick your acne to the curb once and for all. If you would like to learn more about acne vulgaris and how you can treat it, contact Callender Cosmetic and Dermatology Center today to at 301.249.0970 schedule an appointment.


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