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Is Your Birthmark Dangerous?

Having a birthmark may have been something that you boasted about to all of your friends when you were in elementary school but as an adult, it may be something that you try to conceal. Depending on the size and location of your birthmark, it may be something that you’re more embarrassed of than anything. […]

Skin Cancer Glenn Dale MD

The One Resolution Everyone Should Make

Although you can make an extremely long list of resolutions you hope to achieve in 2018, make sure that you narrow your list down to ones that you’ll stick to and that you’ll benefit from the most. If you’re going to make one and only one New Year’s resolution this year, make it wear sunscreen […]

Skin Cancer Glenn Dale, MD

Jump Into November Feeling Informed: 3 Myths About Skin Cancer

Although the days are shorter and you’re spending more time cuddled up inside than outside in the sun, any sun exposure still puts you at risk of developing skin cancer— even when you’re driving. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, an alarming 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer at one point in their […]

Skin Cancer Glenn Dale, MD

How to Perform an At-Home Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer will impact more than 87,000 Americans this year alone. And although that number may be extremely alarming, as long as you catch it in the early stages, it can easily be treated and cured. One of the easiest ways for you to catch skin cancer early on is to perform self-screenings every month. […]


Summer means sun…time outside…fun activities with family and friends! But no matter how enjoyable it is to be outdoors, your skin is under constant bombardment from the ultraviolet rays of the sun…rays that age your skin, cause wrinkles, age spots and sometimes melanoma – skin cancer. Summer will soon give way to the cooler days of […]

It Pays To Check Your Skin For Changes

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It tirelessly protects you from the damaging effects of the environment. A good habit to form is checking your body all over once a month for any irregularities or abnormalities. Any new or changing skin condition may be indicative of a more serious medical problem. Your […]

Is the blemish on my skin cancerous?

Skin conditions vary greatly from person to person. Maybe your skin is completely smooth with even complexion. But more likely you have a number of blemishes on your skin. Some need to be checked out by your dermatologist while others are completely harmless. If you find a new mark or notice that an existing mark […]

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