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3 Things to Avoid for Longer, Thicker Hair

hair loss and treatment glenn dale mdAlthough short female hairstyles are in style— can you say lob– nothing can be quite as intriguing as having long, mermaid waves. If your hair is weak and brittle and you can’t seem to get it to grow longer than your shoulders, you may be doing things every day that is preventing it from growing. From using heat tools to hair ties, this article will discuss a few things that you should avoid for longer, thicker hair. Read on to learn more.

Heat Tools

Having beach waves has never been more popular than now. And one of the only ways to get beach waves is to use either a curling iron or hair straightener. However, all of that heat on your hair can cause it to weaken and break off. To help your hair grow longer, try to go a few days in between curling your hair. For instance, if you curl your hair on a Monday, try not to curl it again until Wednesday or Thursday. On the days where you don’t curl it, consider wearing it in a topknot or ponytail.


Are you a swimmer? As one of the best exercises that you can do for your entire body, swimming is a great way to get into shape in no time. However, chlorine can wreak havoc on your hair by weakening each strand and drying it out. If you have to swim regularly, make sure to wear a swim cap and rinse your hair out after every time you get into the swimming pool.

Hair Ties

When you take your hair out of a bun or ponytail, does it feel like a snarly mess? Hair ties can cause your hair to get knots in it which can make it break off in the process. When using hair ties, try to avoid kinds that are made of rubber or plastic because they can snag on your hair. Instead, look for hair ties that are made from fabric because they will be gentler.

Having long, luscious locks takes a conscious effort on your part. By avoiding heat tools, chlorine, and hair ties, you can help to strengthen your hair enough for it to grow longer. To learn more about how you can have longer, thicker hair, contact Callender Cosmetic and Dermatology Center today!



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