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Dry, Flaky, Itchy, Wintry Skin Got You Down?

winter beauty | glenn dale mdYes, indeed, its Winter.

Its February, in factand there are yet a few months of cold, dry weather ahead of us.

Winter is that unique time of year when your skin spends it’s days at home or in the office plagued by heating systems and begging for moisture.

Winter is that unique time of year when you find yourself itching and scratching at your arms and legs and attempting to scratch that certain dry spot on your in the middle of your back.

Dry skin is annoying any time of year. If you suffer from it, you know that’s true.

Here are a few tips to help you get your skin feeling softer and looking smoother:

  • TRY BODY BRUSHING – Brushing benefits your teeth and hair and can benefit your body as well. Look for a body brush that is specifically designed for skin and dry-brush yourself all over for about 10 minutes a day, preferably before showering or bathing. Although it may sound counter-intuitive, it’s not. You will improve your circulation and notice a difference in your skin within a few days.
  • MOISTURIZER IS YOUR FRIEND – If you aren’t applying a good moisturizer or body butter to your skin, you’re asking for itching. The key is to seal in the moisture. Look for a heavy-duty, moisturizing body butter or cream that is specially designed to seal in moisture after you bathe or shower and apply it while your skin is slightly damp.
  • EXFOLIATE AFTER YOU HYDRATE – Use a salt or sugar-based exfoliating scrub as a natural way to rid your body of dry, flaky, dead skin that has built up over the summer. Apply the scrub to your legs and arms and anywhere else on your body your skin is dry. Rub it in for 30-60 seconds and rinse with warm water. Do this in the shower at least twice a week and follow with moisturizer. Recipes for less-expensive DIY scrubs are available online, so do your research, create your own scrub and exfoliate your way to softer skin.

The sun will soon shine!

Start now to get your skin in shape for the year ahead: (301) 249-0970.

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