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3 Myths About Hair Loss

Hair Loss Glenn Dale MDIf you used to make fun of your dad, uncle, or grandpa because of their shiny bald head, but you have started to grow less and less hair on yourself, then you may think it’s revenge. The good news about hair loss is that here at our office, we can help treat hair loss so that you don’t have to feel like the culprit of your 9-year old self’s favorite joke. To help you learn more about hair loss, let’s debunk some common myth about it.

Myth: It’s Caused By Genes On Your Mom’s Side

If you have heard the myth that if your mother’s father was bald that you will be too, that’s an old wives tale. Unfortunately, baldness is very hereditary and you can actually inherit baldness from either side of your family. So, if you have baldness on both or either sides of your family, it’s a good indicator of what your scalp is going to look like at one point in the future.

Myth: Hats Cause Balding

If you are the type of person who wakes up with bed head, slips on a baseball cap, and heads out the door then there’s some good news for you; your hat wearing addiction isn’t going to cause baldness. In fact, you can wear hats as much as you want; just remember to scrub your scalp when you wash your hair to help keep things nice and clean when you’re not covering it up.

Myth: It will Come Back On Its Own Eventually

Yes, it’s true that if your hair loss is caused by something temporary and fleeting like stress or anxiety, your hair may grow back on its own. But, if you have a condition like male pattern baldness, you won’t be so lucky. If you have balding rather than thinning hair, it’s likely something that will need to be treated by a dermatologist at our office.

Are you ready to kiss your bald head goodbye? To learn more, contact our Glenn Dale office today at 301.249.0970.

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