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Why PRP for Hair Loss Is So Popular

PRP for Hair Loss Glenn Dale MDIf there is one thing to know about the cosmetic industry, it’s that as soon as something stars to trend, you know it’s going to be around for a long time. One of the latest trends that we have seen at Callender Cosmetic and Dermatology Center is Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP for hair loss. So, what exactly is PRP and why is it so popular for treating hair loss? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is PRP?

Have you ever gone to donate plasma to help those in need or to maybe even earn a little extra money? Plasma contains cells, nutrients, proteins, enzymes, hormones, salts and more. Once the plasma is extracted from your blood, it can be used to help promote a variety of health and cosmetic concerns including hair loss.

To perform this procedure, we first extract the plasma from your blood and then inject it into your scalp. Because plasma has so many health benefits, it naturally encourages the growth of new, healthy hair on your head— leaving you with a fuller head of hair.

Why Is It So Popular?

If you have hair loss, you know just how damaging it can be to your self-esteem. And although you can try surgical procedures like hair plugs, if there’s a better, less invasive alternative, wouldn’t you want to know about it? PRP for hair loss gives patients a second chance at hair growth without having to undergo surgery or invest in products that don’t work. Plus, each session only lasts about 30 minutes which means that you won’t have to take time off of work or worry about an extensive recovery period.

Suffering from hair loss can make you feel down about your appearance. Let us help you get your hair growth and your self-esteem back. Contact us online or at our Glenn Dale office today and call us at 301.249.0970.

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