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The Passage of Time, Your Hands, and You

Dermal fillersYour hands age faster than your face, and are one of the first signs of aging that other people notice on you. This is because the skin on the back of your hands is much thinner than the skin on your face. There isn’t much fat on the back of your hands…making it more noticeable when the proteins elastin and collagen break down. The end result is wrinkly, thin, crepe-like skin with obvious, large veins. Aging also shows up as unsightly, brown age spots.

A good, rich, face cream with sunscreen is a worthwhile investment. However, if you’re not taking care of your hands, it’s possible they are betraying you.

Here are some hand-care tips to think about:

  • Be generous with sunscreen on your hands. UV exposure is the number one cause of age spots and the premature appearance of wrinkles.
  • Don’t skimp on hand cream. Using hand cream as early as your twenties is a great anti-aging strategy. If you have sensitive skin, steer clear of harsh creams as they can dry your skin.
  • Always wear rubber gloves if your hands are exposed to chemicals or harsh cleaning products.
  • Consider a rejuvenation procedure.
    • Dermal fillers such as Juvéderm™, Sculptra® and Restylane® are popular hand-care treatments our clients love.
    • Fillers add volume to the hands and put back some of the cushion under the skin that has been lost.
    • Filler treatments are performed in our office and take about about 20 minutes; results are visible in a couple of weeks.
    • Laser skin resurfacing is also effective in reducing the appearance of age spots and other visible signs of aging on your hands. After treatment, your skin is smoother, firmer, and younger-looking. The laser directs hundreds of micro-beams to the dermis and epidermis. As new skin resurfaces, dead skin cells and coagulated collagen are naturally expelled. The natural healing process results in new healthy tissue and younger-looking hands.

Call for a consultation, today, to learn more about the various procedures we offer for rejuvenating the skin on your hands: (301) 249-0970.

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