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Five reasons to choose Thermage skin tightening

Signs of aging, including the development of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, can be impossible to avoid. Over time, our skin becomes more relaxed, and this skin laxity can cause the formation of folds and lines across the face. While plastic surgery is often the first thought for men and women interested in combating these signs of aging, Dr. Valerie Callender encourage patients instead to consider the benefits of non-invasive options such as Thermage.

Understanding Thermage skin tightening

Dr. Valerie Callender provides Thermage treatment, which utilizes radiofrequency energy to penetrate deep into the skin and improve collagen and elastin production. This, in turn, smooths and tightens the skin without the need for surgical intervention. Radiofrequency energy has been found to be extremely useful in rejuvenating skin, and continues to be the first line of defense and the most highly recommended solution to patients with mild to moderate signs of aging.

Why choose Thermage?

There are several reasons why a patient might consider Thermage:

  • Non-invasive. One of the most highly desirable benefits of Thermage is the ability to offer a non-invasive facelift, eliminating the need for “going under the knife.” This also eliminate the risk of infection and scarring from surgery.
  • Comfort. Radiofrequency energy delivered by the Thermage device is not painful. Instead, it gives patients a warming sensation that is comfortable and soothing.
  • Versatile. Not only can Thermage be used on the facial area, but it can also smooth and tighten other areas of the body, including the buttocks, thighs, and hands.
  • Safe. The Thermage treatment has been cleared by the FDA to not only be effective, but safe.
  • Fast recovery. Unlike plastic surgery, which may require patients to take days or weeks away from work and social activities, Thermage requires no recovery time. Patients can get right back to their activities without interruption.

Am I a candidate for Thermage skin tightening treatments?

Many patients who are interested in this procedure need to call Callender Dermatology and Cosmetic Center to schedule a consultation appointment and initial evaluation. By learning more about this procedure, and about the patient’s goals, Dr. Valerie Callender can determine if a patient is a good fit for this or other cosmetic treatments available. Scheduling an appointment starts with a phone call to (301) 249-0970 to book a visit with our team at 12200 Annapolis Road, Suite #315 in Glenn Dale, MD.

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